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Film Studies (FILM)
Course Course Title Credits
FILM-1301 Introduction to Film Studies 3 credits
FILM-3320 History of World Cinema 3 credits
Finance (FNCE)
Course Course Title Credits
FNCE-1300 Personal Finance 3 credits
FNCE-3097 Finance Internship 0 credits
FNCE-3190 Studies in Finance 1 credit
FNCE-3197 Finance Internship 1 credit
FNCE-3290 Studies in Finance 2 credits
FNCE-3297 Finance Internship 2 credits
FNCE-3301 Corporate Finance 3 credits
FNCE-3348 International Monetary Systems 3 credits
FNCE-3352 Investments I 3 credits
FNCE-3353 Investments II 3 credits
FNCE-3361 International Finance 3 credits
FNCE-3362 Equity Valuation 3 credits
FNCE-3363 Student Managed Fund I 3 credits
FNCE-3366 Professionalism and Ethics in Finance 3 credits
FNCE-3390 Studies in Finance 3 credits
FNCE-3397 Finance Internship 3 credits
FNCE-3490 Studies in Finance 4 credits
FNCE-3497 Finance Internship 4 credits