The minor in American Intercultural Studies is designed to develop in students the qualities and skills necessary for intercultural understanding and cooperation in today’s diverse society. The minor recognizes that certain historical events and experiences involving race and/or ethnicity in America continue to have a major impact upon the nature and development of intercultural relationships. While underscoring the inextricable connection that exists between the past and the present intercultural dynamic, the minor seeks to enhance positive associations with and among the people of various multicultural communities.

Completion of the program will be indicated on the student’s transcript with the notation “Minor in American Intercultural Studies.”

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William T. Burke III, J.D.
Program Director
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Faculty Headshot: Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien, Ph.D.
Professor, Political Science
Richard K. Reed
Richard K. Reed, Ph.D.
Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

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