The Arts, Letters, and Enterprise Certification gives students an opportunity to build knowledge while also gaining practical experience in an internship off campus. This path requires fewer hours than the Minor. ALE Certification is especially suited for students pursuing a degree in clinical sciences, engineering sciences, social sciences, or those interested in non-profit management. It requires completion of at least 12 credit hours, as listed below, plus a supervised internship of one-semester duration or the equivalent.

Students may not receive both an ALE minor and certification.

The program offers a certification as a supplement to traditional majors and minors. 

Requirements for the certification

I. Successfully completing a minimum of four of the “Arts, Letters, and Enterprise” courses as detailed below:

A. Required courses (must complete three of the four listed courses):

Course ID Course Title
GNED 2340 Creative Thinking and the Artistic Process
ACCT 1300 Understanding the Language of Business
ALE 3301 Grant Writing and Fundraising
MGMT 2301 Management of Organizations

One of the following courses: 

Course ID Course Title
ANTH 3368 Anthropological Ethics
COMM 3364 Ethics and the Mass Media
NEUR 3310 Neuroethics
PHIL 1350 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 1354 Ethics
PHIL 1359/BUSN 1359 Professional Ethics
PHIL 2456 Applied Ethics

B. Elective courses (At least three credit hours; one course from the following list):

Writing and Analysis in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Courses in the Writing and Analysis section must have a substantial writing component and analytical component. Typically, courses will include a minimum of 15-20 pages of written work. Depending on the faculty member’s preference, this total may include multiple shorter papers, one longer paper, or work involving revision in response to faculty or peer critique.

Course ID Course Title
ANTH 3464  Morality and the Marketplace 
ART 3314  Issues in Contemporary Art* 
ENGL 3414  Advanced Exposition and Argument* 
ENGL 3335 Rhetorical Analysis* 
FREN 3305  Introduction to French Literature I*
FREN 3306  Introduction to French Literature II* 
FREN 4304  Topics in French Literature of the Eighteenth Century* 
FREN 4305  Topics in French Literature of the Nineteenth Century* 
MUSC 3341  Music History 1: Ancient Greece to Mozart* 
MUSC 3342  Music History 2: Classical Era to the Present* 
PHIL  All upper division courses** 
PLSI 3352  Civil Rights and Liberties 
PLSI 3361  Classical Political Thought 
PSYC 2401 Statistics and Research Methods 
PSYC 3451  Clinical Psychology* 
RELI 1320  Ethical Issues in Religious Perspective 
RELI  All upper division courses 
SPAN 3321  Spanish Cinema* 

​​​*This course has at least one prerequisite.
**Excluding PHIL 3-90, PHIL 3-91, and PHIL 4-90.

II. Completion of ALE 4-90 or another preapproved internship experience

Completion consolidates and integrates the learning from ALE with coursework from the student’s primary academic discipline. Students taking this class will work for various scientific, governmental, social agency, arts, or non-profit offices as interns. Their responsibilities will be determined by those offices and by supervising faculty. They will then complete a writing assignment in which they relate their experiences in the internship to the goals of the ALE Certificate program.

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