Requirements for the major

I. Departmental requirements: 

A. 40 credit hours of Art History, including ARTH-1407, ARTH-1408, ARTH-4494, and 28 hours, as follows:

  1. 4 courses concentrating on art produced before 1800 (ARTH-1310, ARTH-1314, ARTH-1413, ARTH-1415, ARTH-1416, ARTH-2428, ARTH-2429, ARTH-2430, ARTH-3320, ARTH-3325, ARTH-3335, ARTH-3343, ARTH-3345, ARTH-3439, ARTH-3440, ARTH-3441, ARTH-3442, ARTH-3444, ARTH-3446, ARTH-3447, ARTH-3448 and applicable special topics courses).
  2. 3 courses concentrating on art produced after 1800 (ARTH-1412, ARTH-1415, ARTH-1416, ARTH-2432, ARTH-3357, ARTH-3360, ARTH-3363, ARTH-3365, ARTH-3376, ARTH-3451, ARTH-3452, ARTH-3454, ARTH-3458, ARTH-3459, ARTH-3461, ARTH-3464 and applicable special topics courses).
  3. One of these courses must address non-Western art (ARTH-1310, ARTH-1413, ARTH-2428, ARTH-2429, ARTH-3320ARTH-3345, and applicable special topics courses). 
  4. One of these courses must focus on architectural history (ARTH-1413, ARTH-1314, ARTH-1415, ARTH-1416, ARTH-2428, ARTH-2429ARTH-3325, ARTH-3452, ARTH-3454, ARTH-3464, ARTH-3365 and applicable special topics courses). 
  5. At least 4 courses must be upper-division courses. 

B. Completion of ARTH-4494 in the senior year. The course is generally offered every spring semester. 

C. Students contemplating graduate study are encouraged to develop reading expertise in at least one foreign language (French, German, Spanish, Italian, and, depending on specialization, Latin, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese), and to include a period of study abroad in their program. Two semesters of chemistry are strongly recommended for students considering careers in art conservation. 

II. University requirements:

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours. 


Prior to the declaration of an Art History Major, the student must complete at least three courses in Art History or Studio Art with a grade of C or better. At least two of these must be courses in Art History. 


I. University Requirements

Completion of all university requirements

II. Departmental Requirements

The requirements for Honors in Art History are the same as the university requirements, except that the required 10 credit hours consist of ARTH-4494 Theories and Practice of Art History, taken during the senior year, plus 6 credit hours for the Honors Thesis (ARTH-4398, ARTH-4399), taken during the senior year.  A full description of the honors program in Art History is available in the departmental office. 

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