This course focuses on the creation of a student-driven learning environment that fosters the realization, communication, discussion, understanding and appreciation of core concepts and competencies of biological sciences. The course features extensive engagement with the creation and critical evaluation of oral and visual student presentations using a common infrastructural content framework, such as the biology of the model eukaryote Caenorhabditis elegans. Using web-based content and primary literature, students will create and engage in a series of presentations which will as serve as study guides and informational and conceptual portals for the creation and exploration of discussion questions and material that reflect a broader understanding and appreciation of ties between presentation content and the thematic and conceptual frameworks of the Vision and Change biological core concepts and competencies. Principles, concepts and experimental techniques of cell and molecular biology will be investigated and assessed through presentations, discussion, homework problems, exams and laboratory activities. Attendance at Biology Department seminars is required. (Offered every Spring). Prerequisites: BIOL 3313/3113. This course may not be taken simultaneously with BIOL 4201.
3 credits
Upper Division
The Capacities | Oral and Visual Communication