This is a field-based, inquiry-driven course that emphasizes hypothesis-testing in the natural world. In close collaboration with biology faculty in an ecological field setting, students will design and conduct field experiments on a variety of topics in ecology and evolution. The objectives of the course are for students to gain hands-on experiences with organisms in the field; develop the skills, techniques, and methods of analysis required to conduct biological field studies; communicate the results of scientific studies; and gain an appreciation for natural history. This course will enhance students' ability in critical thinking in the context of their upper division courses in ecology and evolution. Class time will be used to learn important techniques and means of analysis for field studies. Students will be required to participate in two overnight field trips and one four-day field excursion in mid to late-March. Prerequisites: BIOL 3313/3113 and CHEM 1312/1112 A statistics course is highly recommended. This course may not be taken simultaneously with BIOL 4201.
3 credits
Upper Division
The Capacities | Oral and Visual Communication