In this seminar, we explore how ancient stories are transmitted and transmuted in film, television, and related media. Stories from the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds have been important sources for cinema since the invention of film as a medium in the late 19th century, and likewise movies, television shows, and other video formats have been among the most influential vehicles for modern imaginations of antiquity. We explore this rich area by considering roughly a dozen feature-length films, several episodes of television shows, and shorter pieces all spanning 120 years of cinema (including early and silent films), in connection with a wide range of ancient texts (mostly Greek and Roman, some Near Eastern) and in context of modern scholarship (classical-reception studies, film studies). Coursework in, or demonstrated experience with, Classical Studies or Film Studies recommended. (Offered every other year.) Prerequisite: upperclass standing or special permission of instructor
3 credits
Upper Division
The Interdisciplinary Clusters | Film, Thought, and Culture