This seminar will critically and creatively explore the horror genre (literature, film, and other forms of popular culture) from a thematic, interdisciplinary methodology. Through close analysis of primary texts and engagement with scholarly materials, students will examine how the horror genre uses both narrative structure and textual form to present and construct cultural and individual fears and anxieties about issues including identity, place, gender, race, class, and death. The production and performance of creative projects will feature as an integral part of the course analysis and discussion. Students are required to attend both the seminar portion and the accompanying lab (for film screenings and creative workshops). Specific topics (such as the home in horror, zombies, and crossed genres and remakes in horror) will be offered on a rotating basis. May be taken more than once, provided topics vary. (Offered every other year.)
4 credits
Upper Division
Approaches to Creation and Analysis | Creative Expression
The Interdisciplinary Clusters | Death and Beyond