Requirements for the major

I. Departmental requirements: 

A. Thirty (30) hours (of which at least 15 must be upper-division) of course work in the Department of Communication including:

  1. Nine (9) credit hours in core courses (COMM-1301, COMM-2302, COMM-3303
  2. Nine (9) credit hours consisting of one course from each of the following three areas of study. These courses will be chosen in consultation with faculty adviser. 
  3. Nine (9) credit hours in electives in the Department of Communication 
  4. Three (3) credit hours in the Communication Capstone Seminar (COMM-4395) or three (3) credit hours in Communication Honors Thesis (COMM-4399). 

B. A minimum of eighteen (18) hours of course work in another department or program planned to meet the student’s interests and approved by adviser.

C. Courses in the Department of Communication exceeding 36 hours must be over and above the 120 hours required for graduation. 

II. University requirements: 

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours. 


To be accepted as a major in Communication, a student must have successfully completed COMM-1301 (Mass Media) and COMM-2302 (Media Texts).

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