Requirements for the minor

The minor in Communication is designed for students who seek to enrich their liberal arts education with a greater understanding of communication. 

Requirements for the minor are: Twenty-one credit hours to include COMM-1301, COMM-2302, COMM-3303 and four (4) three-hour elective courses; at least (9) credit hours of the total 21 credit hours required must be upper division. 



Course ID Course Title
COMM-1301 Mass Media 
COMM-2302 Media Texts
COMM-3303 Media Audiences 


Course ID Course Title
COMM-4395 Communication Capstone Seminar

Media Studies 

Course ID Course Title
COMM-3120  La Telenovela en América Latina 
COMM-3321  Arts Criticism 
COMM-3322  International Communication 
COMM-3323 Environmental Communication in Asia
COMM-3325  Special Topics in Communication Media 
COMM-3326  History of Mass Media 
COMM-3328  Media, Culture, and Technology 
COMM-3198COMM-3298, COMM-3398 Honors Readings 
COMM-4190COMM-4290, COMM-4390, COMM-4490, COMM-4590, COMM-4690 Directed Studies in Communication 
COMM-4398, COMM-4399  Honors Thesis 

Media Messages 

Course ID Course Title
COMM-3340, COMM-3440 Media Writing 
COMM-3341COMM-3441 Audio Communication 
COMM-3342, COMM-3442 Visual Communication 
COMM-3343, COMM-3443 Print Communication 
COMM-3344, COMM-3444 Interactive Multimedia Communication 
COMM-3345, COMM-3445 Media Communication Workshop 
COMM-3346, COMM-3446 Video Communication 

Media Management 

Course ID Course Title
COMM-3360  Principles of Public Relations 
COMM-3361  Principles of Advertising 
COMM-3362  Media Law and Policy 
COMM-3363  Media Management 
COMM-3364  Ethics and the Mass Media 

Apprenticeship and Practice 

Course ID Course Title
COMM-1194  Internship Experience 
COMM-1110, COMM-1120, COMM-1121, COMM-1122, COMM-1130, COMM-1131, COMM-1140, COMM-1150, COMM-1160, COMM-1170 Apprenticeship in Communication Media
COMM-3300 Media Management Practicum and Study


Course ID Course Title
COMM-1302 Introduction to Film Studies 
COMM-2301 International Cinema
COMM-3300 Media Management Practicum and Study 
COMM-3354 Quantitative Research Methods 
COMM-3357 Sport Media

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