Requirements for the minor

24 credit hours consisting of 15 hours in required courses and 3 hours in each elective area. 

1. Required Courses: 15 hours
Course ID Course Title
COMM-3360 Principles of Public Relations
HCOM-3334 Persuasion
HCOM-3360 Small Group Communication
MGMT-2301 Management of Organizations
MKTG-2301 Principles of Marketing

II. Electives

A. Communication Elective: 3 hours

Course ID Course Title
COMM-3362 Media Law and Policy
COMM-3363 Media Management
COMM-3364 Ethics and the Mass Media

B. Business Elective: 3 hours

Course ID Course Title
MGMT-3371 Human Resources Management
MGMT-3372 Organizational Behavior
MKTG-3381 Consumer Behavior

Integrated Marketing Communications

MKTG-4381 Marketing Management

C. Human Communication Elective: 3 hours

Course ID Course Title
BUSN-3311 Organizational Communication (also listed as HCOM-3362)
HCOM-1333 Public Speaking
HCOM-3362 Organizational Communication (also listed as BUSN-3311)
HCOM-4397* Human Communication Internship

* As approved by minor adviser.

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