Computing as a Second Major is also a four-year degree program, but one that (like the Interdisciplinary Second Major) cannot serve as a primary (stand-alone) major. It is intended for students whose primary interest is in another field but who also need or want thorough preparation in using computers. Such students will combine a primary major in the chosen field with Computing as a Second Major.

Requirements for the major

I. Completion of a first major from another department. 
II. Departmental requirements: 

34 hours of computer science including: 

  1. Required courses: CSCI 1120, 1320, 1321, 1323, 2320
  2. Departmental Colloquium: two semesters of CSCI 2094.
  3. 21 additional hours of computer science including at least 18 upper-division hours. 
III. Mathematics requirement: 

Six hours from the following: any MATH Course (except 1301, 1310, 1330, 3194, 3195); CSCI 2324; PHIL 3340, 3343; PSYC 2401; BAT 2301. At most one of the following courses may be counted for this requirement: MATH 1320, PSYC 2401, and BUSN 2301. 

IV. University requirements: 

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.


To be eligible for the distinction of graduation with Honors in Computer Science the requirements are:

  1. Completion of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
  2. Completion of the requirements for the Senior Thesis described above.
  3. Grade point average of at least 3.33 or better in all courses prior to the semester of graduation.
  4. Grade point average of 3.33 or better in all computer science courses prior to the semester of graduation.
  5. A written request for honors consideration, submitted to the department chair in the semester prior to the semester of graduation. 

The decision of whether or not to confer the honors designation will be made by the departmental faculty and will be determined by departmental vote. The criteria include quality of the written thesis, quality of the oral presentation, and contribution to the field.

When a thesis receives the honors designation, this designation is so noted on the student’s transcript and announced at graduation.

Students who successfully complete CSCI 4399 with a grade of C or better, but fail to achieve honors status or fail to meet the deadline for submitting a thesis for departmental honors will be considered to have met the capstone requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science provided that they submit a completed thesis by the end of the semester. 

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