The Entrepreneurship minor is designed to cultivate, coordinate, and integrate Trinity’s diverse resources for the development and application of more creative entrepreneurial behavior and achievement. It builds on the overlap of three clusters of programs: arts and humanities, science and engineering, and business and social sciences. 

The Entrepreneurship minor provides students an interdisciplinary approach to the process of creativity and entrepreneurship. This minor focuses on the process of creativity, opportunity identification and evaluation, design and innovation, financing, strategy, marketing, and new venture development. This minor offers an opportunity for students to form multidisciplinary entrepreneurship project teams (E-Teams) for transforming creative ideas into practical realities, and to interact with alumni entrepreneurs. 

Students who wish to go beyond the minimum required of this minor should investigate the possibility of an Interdisciplinary Second Major and prepare an expanded plan that integrates more of these courses. A form that describes the Interdisciplinary Second Major is available in the Office of the Registrar. 

Requirements for the minor

This minor requires twenty-one hours of coursework with at least nine hours at the upper-division level. 

Entrepreneurship Gateway Courses (1-3 hours)

Students are required to complete one of the following options:

  • Option 1: ENTR-2111 Introduction to Entrepreneurship  and ENTR-2112 Introduction to Entrepreneurship II
  • Option 2: ENTR-3190 Trinity Accelerator (offered summers only)
  • Option 3: ENTR-3320 Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Agencies
Entrepreneurship Core Curriculum (12 hours)

Students must complete the following 12 hours

  • ENTR-3340 Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship
  • ENTR-3341 Entrepreneurial Planning and Strategies
  • ENTR-4360 Entrepreneurial Sales
  • ENTR-4355 Entrepreneurial Venture Planning
Entrepreneurship Supporting Work (6 hours)

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