The Environmental Studies minor is an interdisciplinary study of the Earth’s environment and human interaction with that environment. The required courses address environmental issues from natural science, economic, and sociocultural perspectives.

Requirements for the minor

At least nine hours need to be upper-division courses. In addition, it is recommended that Environmental Studies Minors complete ENVI-4301, Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies.

Given the breadth of this minor, a significant overlap with a student’s choice of Pathways courses is both expected and encouraged. To that end, courses that fulfill an understanding are indicated (*) in the following lists.

Requirements for the minor are listed below, including at least 12 hours of lower division and 9 hours of upper division courses.

I. Required Courses
Course ID Course Title
ENVI-1301* Introduction to Environmental Studies
BIOL-1311 Integrative Biology 
BIOL-1111 Introductory Biology Lab
ECON-1311* Principles of Microeconomics
GEOS-1409 Earth's Environmental Systems
GEOS-2400 Solid Earth Processes 
ECON-3430* Economics and the Environment (also listed as URBS-3430)
 II. One course from the following list (check catalog for prerequisites)
Course ID Course Title
BIOL-3434 Ecology
BIOL-3420 Animal Behavior
CHEM-2319* Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-2119* Laboratory Methods in Organic Chemistry
ENGR-2311 Mass and Energy Balances
GEOS-2402 Earth Surface Processes
GEOS-3411 Hydrogeology
GEOS-3408 GIS and Remote Sensing
GEOS-3421 Environmental Geochemistry
 III. One course from the following list (check catalog for prerequisites)
Course ID Course Title
ANTH-2357 Humans and the Environment
ANTH-3464 Morality in the Marketplace
ANTH-4354 Seminar on Primatology
CMLT-2301 World Literature and the Environment
ECON-3334 Urban Economics (also listed as URBS-3334)
ENVI-3301 Environmental Literature 
ENVI-4390 Topics in Environmental Policy
HIST-3382 The City in History (also listed as URBS-3305)
PLSI-3413 Policy Analysis and the Policymaking Process
URBS-3305 The City in History (also listed as HIST-3382)
URBS-3334 Urban Economics (also listed as ECON-3334)

Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies

Recommended. The course is available to seniors and may be taken only once for credit.

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