Requirements for the major

I. Departmental requirements: 

The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Earth Systems Science (a minimum of 46 credit hours) are:

A. Required courses in geosciences:

  1. One of GEOS 1303, GEOS 1405, GEOS 1406, 1307, or 1409.
  2. GEOS 2400, 2402, and 2403.
  3. GEOS 3101.
  4. GEOS 3120 is required for junior majors. Trip expenses, including transportation, must be paid by each student.
  5. GEOS 4320 is required for senior majors.

B. At least 14 additional upper division hours in geosciences; no more than 3 hours of Directed Studies or Thesis may be applied to this upper division hour requirement.

C. 12 additional credit hours from the following courses: ANTH 2310; BIOL 1311 and 1111; BIOL 2312 and 2112; BIOL 3434; BUSN/ECON 2301; CHEM 1318 and 1118; CHEM 2319 and 2119; CHEM 3432; MATH 1311; MATH 1312; MATH 1320; MATH 2308; CSCI 1320; CSCI 1321; PHYS 1309 or 1311, and 1111; PHYS 1310 or 1312, and 1112.

II. University requirements: 

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.


Six hours of Thesis credit, GEOS 4395 and 4396, must be completed over two semesters. Students may enroll for thesis credit only with the permission of the thesis director. A formal written thesis proposal must be submitted to the geosciences Chair before the end of the fourth week of classes during the first semester of enrollment for thesis credit. Achievement of Department Honors will be determined by the quality of the thesis research, the written and oral presentations, and satisfaction of University requirements. 

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