The major encompasses, but is not confined to, the communities of the Americas, the Iberian Peninsula, and the Caribbean. It especially focuses on the Latinx diasporas throughout the world, including communities with a shared colonial past with Spain and Portugal.

Majors are strongly encouraged to participate in study-abroad programs.

A signature aspect of the major will be a senior portfolio that ties together the many strands of a Global Latinx major’s course of study. This reflects on the interdisciplinary links between at least three different courses and represents the culmination of personal and professional growth in the understanding of Latinx communities in the Americas and beyond.

Requirements for the major

The requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Global Latinx Studies are as follows:

34 credit hours, at least 18 of which must be upper division.

I. Language requirement:

SPAN-2302 or higher (with a grade of C or better).

II. Core courses:

Choose 9 credits from this list of core courses:

Course ID Course Title
ARTH-1412 Art and Architecture of Latin America Since the 16th Century
EDUC-3344 Teaching in the Bilingual Classroom 
HIST-1340 Latin American Cultural Traditions
LAC-3343 Relaciones fronterizas México-Estados Unidos (bilingual)
GNED-3325 U.S. Latino Experience 
GNED-3326 U.S. Latino Cultural and Artistic Expression 
RELI-3480 United States Latino Religious Practices and Traditions
SPAN-3311 Spanish Civilization 
SPAN-3312 Latin American Civilization 
III. Concentration in GLXS Studies:

A total of 21 credits from the concentrations listed below. At least 12 credits must be from ONE single concentration.

A. History and Society

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-1305 Introduction to Pre-historical archaeology 
ANTH-3356 Seminar on Ancient Maya 
ANTH-3345/SOCI-3345 International Issues in Health and the Environment (GLS) 
ANTH-3449/SOCI-3449 Globalization and Social Change 
ECON-3341 Economic Development of Mexico
ECON-3343/HIST-3384 Slavery and the Atlantic Economy
ECON-3346 La economía española y la Unión Europea (The Spanish Economy and the European Union) 
HIST-1340 Latin American Cultural Trad 
HIST-3340 Latin American Perspectives 
HIST-3344 Modern Brazil 
HIST-3346 Modern Mexico 
HIST-3336 French Empire in the Americas 
HIST-3348 Latin American Economic History
HIST-4440 Seminar in Latin American History
PLSI-3333 Latin American Politics

​And special topics courses as approved by the Faculty Advisory Committee

B. Diversity & Social Justice

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-3331/SOCI-3331 Language, Culture, and Society 
ANTH-3367 South American Indigenous Peoples
ANTH-3327/SOCI-3327 Race in America ANA
LAC-3106 Los Cubano-Americanos: Cuban Americans: Between Two Worlds

​And special topics courses as approved by the Faculty Advisory Committee

C. Arts and Culture

Course ID Course Title
ARTH-3454 Mexico City 
ARTH-3461 Public Art Across the Border 
ARTH-3335/ANTH-3335 Pre-Columbian Art—Mesoamerica
INTL-3134 Culture, Id, & Lang in Brazil 
LAC-3308 A Concise 20TH Century History of Latin America Through its Popular Music
LAC-3103 Cultura Popular Espanola 
LAC-3109 Madrid: Una Historia Cultural 
LAC-3118 History, Resistance, & Rebellion in Chicana/o Music
SPAN-3321 Spanish Cinema 
SPAN-3322 Spanish American Cinema
SPAN-3331 Intro to Span Lit Since 1700 
SPAN-3332 Intro to Spanish American Lit 

​And special topics courses as approved by the Faculty Advisory Committee

IV. Senior capstone:

GLXS-4100 Senior Portfolio (1 credit hour)

V. University requirements: 

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.

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