Requirements for the major

I. Departmental requirements:

A. The Human Communication major consists of 30 credit hours to be taken as follows:

1. Required core consists of 15 credit hours.

  • Within Human Communication (12 credit hours):
    Course ID Course Description
    HCOM-1300 Theories of Human Communication
    HCOM-2304 Interpersonal Communication
    HCOM-3334 Persuasion
    HCOM-3350 Rhetorical Criticism (also listed as ENGL-3334)
  • Select one of the following in quantitative research methods:
    Course ID Course Description
    HCOM-3354 Quantitative Research Methods (also listed as COMM-3354)
    BAT-2301 Statistics for Management and Economics
    MATH-1320 Statistical Methods
    PSYC-2401 Statistics and Methods I
    SOCI-3460 Research Methods: Social Statistics

2. Controlled electives consist of 9 credit hours. At least 3 credit hours must be chosen from each of the following areas:

  • Public Communication:
    Course ID Course Description
    HCOM-1333 Public Speaking
    HCOM-2140 Forensics
    HCOM-3374 International Communication (also listed as COMM-3322)
    HCOM-4350 Political Communication (also listed as PLSI-3304)
    HCOM-4391 Special Topics in Public Communication
  • Rhetorical and Communication Theory:
    Course ID Course Description
    HCOM-2350 Classical Rhetorical Theory
    HCOM-2352 Modern Rhetorical Theory
    HCOM-3330 Argumentation
    HCOM-3352 Rhetorical Analysis (also listed as ENGL-3335)
  • Communication and Social Context:
    Course ID Course Description
    HCOM-3360 Communicating in Small Groups and Teams
    HCOM-3362 Organizational Communication (also listed as BUSN-3311)
    HCOM-3364 Communication and Effective Leadership
    HCOM-3372 Intercultural Communication

3. General Human Communication Electives consist of at least 6 more hours of Human Communication courses to achieve greater focus in the major.

B. At least 18 hours of the Human Communication major must be upper-division coursework.

II. University requirements:

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.


I. University Requirements

Completion of all university requirements. 

II. Departmental Requirements

The Department of Human Communication and Theatre offers a major Honors Program in both Human Communication and Theatre. A description of the program is available in the departmental office.

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