The Mathematical Finance major is an interdisciplinary study of financial markets. Increasingly, firms of all types, and financial institutions in particular, rely on sophisticated mathematical models to understand financial markets, to evaluate financial instruments, and to measure and manage risk. To understand and utilize these models, students need specific capabilities that can be only gained from study in the fields of economics, finance, and mathematics. The major is specifically designed for students considering graduate studies and careers in Finance, Applied Financial Economics, Mathematical Finance, Applied Mathematics, or Actuarial Science.

Requirements for the major

1. Required Courses
Course ID Course Title
ACCT 1301  Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 
FNCE 3301  Corporate Finance 
ECON 1311  Principles of Microeconomics 
ECON 1312  Principles of Macroeconomics 
ECON 3325  Intermediate Microeconomics 
ECON 4367  Advanced Microeconomic Theory 
ECON 4370  Econometrics 
MATH 1311  Calculus I
MATH 1312  Calculus II
MATH 2321  Calculus III 
MATH 1320 or BAT 2301 Statistical Methods or Statistics for Business and Economics* 
MATH 3370  Financial Mathematics
MATH 3316  Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 
* MATH 3334 Probability - may be substituted for MATH 1320/BAT 2301.  That substitution is essential for those seeking a career in actuarial science. 
2. Three Additional Elective Courses from the following:
Course ID Course Title
FNCE 3351/ECON 3356 Financial Institutions and Markets
FNCE 3352 Investments I
FNCE 3353 Investments II
FNCE 3363 Student Managed Fund I
FNCE 3361ECON 3361 International Finance
FNCE 3362 Equity Valuation 
FNCE 4362 Derivatives
3. Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.

How to apply

For full admission into the major, students must have credit for Calculus II (MATH 1312), Financial Accounting (ACCT 1301) and Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 1312) with a grade of at least a C in each. Students who have not yet completed those three classes may still declare the major but are "provisionally accepted."

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