Requirements for the minor

Completion of 18 credit hours in French and related disciplines, including FREN 2302 (unless
student has placed out of it) and at least 12 upper-division credit hours. No fewer than 12 credit
hours must be earned in courses with the FREN subject code. A minimum of 12 hours toward the
minor must be completed at Trinity.

Course ID Course Title
ARTH-1314 Art and Architecture of Medieval Europe
ARTH-3430 Art, Gender, and Patronage at the Court of Burgundy 
ARTH-3439 Art at the Courts of Europe, 1330-1416
ARTH-3451 Impressionism and the Avant-Garde
ARTH-3452 19th C Architecture & Urbanism
ARTH-3464 20th C Architecture & Urbanism
CMLT-1300 Introduction to Comparative Literature
ENGL-1315 World Literature
FILM-3320 (COMM-3320) History of World Cinema
FREN-3301  Advanced Grammar
FREN-3303 French and Francophone Civilization
FREN-3305 Introduction to French Literature I
FREN-4190 Reading and Conference
FREN-4191 Selected Topics
FREN-4303 Topics in French Literature of the 17th century 
FREN-4304 Topics in French Literature of the 18th century
FREN-4305 Topics in French Literature of the 19th century
FREN-4306 Topics in French Literature of the 20th century
FREN-4307 French and Francophone Cinema
FREN-4309 Survey to Francophone Literature
FREN-4390 Reading and Conference
HIST-1300 African Experience Before 1800
HIST-1301 African Experience Since 1800
HIST-3304 Religion in African History
HIST-3337 The French Revolution
HIST-3434 History of Paris
HIST-3436 French Empire in the Americas, 1500-1800
THTR-2316 Dramatic Literature
THTR-3332 History of Theater II
THTR-3336 Modern Theater

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