Requirements for the major

I. Departmental requirements: 
  1. Completion of 21 hours of coursework taught in German at the level of GERM-2302 or higher, including GERM-3301 and either GERM-3305 or GERM-3306
  2. Completion of 9 additional hours of upper-division German (GERM) or of any of the accepted German Studies courses taught in English (GRST). 

The accepted German Studies courses are as follows: 

Course ID Course Title
GRST-1314  Art and Architecture of Medieval Europe (also listed as ARTH-1314
GRST-2332  Play Structure and Analysis (also listed as THTR-2332
GRST-2432  European Frontiers, 1848-Present (also listed as HIST-2432
GRST-2352  Acting II: Scene Study (also listed as THTR-2352
GRST-3401  Yiddish Language, Culture, and Film (also listed as ML&L-3401
GRST-3307  Berlin: From Cabarets to Communists 
GRST-3310  German Cinema
GRST-3311  Fairy Tales 
GRST-3315  Decadence: German Literature around 1900 
GRST-3332  History of Theatre II: From Romanticism to Performance Art (also listed as THTR-3332
GRST-3334  Modern Germany (also listed as HIST-3334
GRST-3338  History of the Holocaust (also listed as HIST-3338
GRST-3341  Music History I: Ancient Greece to Baroque (also listed as MUSC-3341
GRST-3342  Music History II: Classical Era to the Present (also listed as MUSC-3342
GRST-3343  Mozart (also listed as MUSC-3350
GRST-3470 European Politics (also listed as PLSI-3430)
GRST-3471 Political Economy of U.S., Europe, and Japan (also listed as PLSI-3431)
GRST-3472 Masters of Suspicion: Contemporary Political Thought (also listed as PLSI-3463)
GRST-3401 Yiddish Language, Culture, Film (also listed as ML&L-3401)
GRST-3435 Global City Berlin (also listed as PLSI-3435)
GRST-3440 Northern Renaissance Art in the 15th Century (also listed as ARTH-3440)
GRST-3460  German Idealism (also listed as PHIL-3423
GRST-3461  Nietzsche and German Philosophy (also listed as PHIL-3426


II. University requirements:

Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours. 


In order to be granted full acceptance for admission to a major in Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish, a student must have completed the GERM-3301 course in that language with a grade of C or better.


The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers an Honors Program in Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. The requirements for Honors in Modern Languages and Literatures are the same as the university requirements. A full description of the program is available in the departmental office.

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