The Museum Studies minor provides foundational knowledge of the history, theory, and practice of museums and their collections. Students learn to think critically about how museums and their collections have defined history, culture, and art. The minor also introduces students to practical skills in museum management, educational programming, and grant writing. The primary courses provide opportunities for experiential learning about the curation, interpretation, preservation, and display of works of art and anthropological, historical, and scientific artifacts. The courses in the secondary curriculum provide essential content knowledge for successful museum internships and graduate work.

Requirements for the minor

The requirements for the minor in Museum Studies are as follows:

Completion of 18 credit hours in the following distribution:

I. Completion of at least 12 credit hours from the primary curriculum:

A. HIST-3468 or ARTH-3393

B. AFAM-3310, ALE-4090, ALE-4190, ALE-4290, ALE-4390, ALE-4490, ALE-4590, ALE-4690, ANTH-4171, ANTH-4371, ANTH-4671, ARTH-3197, ARTH-3297, ARTH-3397, CLAS-4397, HIST-3094, HIST-3194, HIST-3294, HIST-3394, HIST-3494, HIST-3594 or HIST-3694; internship locations must be preapproved by the Director of the minor in Museum Studies.

C. Remaining course work from the following list of courses:

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-1304 Introduction to Classical Archaeology (also listed as CLAS-1304)
ANTH-1305 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology
ANTH-1309 Pirates, Merchants, and Marines: Seafaring in the Ancient Mediterranean (also listed as CLAS-1309)
ANTH-2310 Human Evolution
ANTH-3335 Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica (also listed as ARTH-3335)
ARTH-1407 Art History I: Prehistoric Through Medieval Art
ARTH-1408 Art History II: Renaissance to Modern Art
ARTH-1413 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
ARTH-2457 History of Photography
ARTH-3325 Art and Power in Ancient Rome
CLAS-1304 Introduction to Classical Archaeology (also listed as ANTH-1304)
CLAS-1309 Pirates, Merchants, and Marines: Seafaring in the Ancient Mediterranean (also listed as ANTH-1309)
CLAS-1319 Monuments, Memory, and Power
CHEM-1305 The Chemistry of Art
HIST-1360 The History of the United States Through Reconstruction
HIST-1361 The History of the United States Since Reconstruction
HIST-2435 Native American History Through Removal (before 1830)
ALE-3301 Grant Writing and Fundraising
ART-4396 Gallery Practicum (also listed as ARTH-4396)
ARTH-3344 Northern Renaissance in the 16th Century   
ARTH-3335 Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica (also listed as ARTH-3335)
ANTH-3356 Seminar on the Ancient Maya
ARTH-3444 Albrecht Durer and His World: Painting And Printmaking in the Age of Reform
ARTH-3395 Colloquium on Museum Studies
ARTH-4396 Gallery Practicum (also listed as ART-4396)

II. Completion of at least 6 credit hours from the secondary curriculum:

Course ID Course Title
ACCT-1300 Understanding the Language of Business
ANTH-3368 Anthropological Ethics 
ART-3314 Issues of Contemporary Art
ARTH-1412 Art & Architecture of Latin America Since the 16th Century
ARTH-2431 This is America: Rethinking American Art at the San Antonio Museum of Art
ARTH-3452 Nineteenth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
ARTH-3458 Jackson Pollock and New York
BAT-1101 Spreadsheet Based Modeling and Data Analysis
BAT-1102 Intermediate Spreadsheet Modeling and Analysis
BAT-2301 Statistics for Business and Economics
BUSN-3302 Legal Concepts of Business I
BUSN-3461 History of American Business and Capitalism (also listed as HIST-3461)
CLAS-1308 Daily Life in Ancient Rome 
CLAS-1310 Daily Life in Ancient Greece
CLAS-2406 Technology and the Classical World
EDUC-1331 Understanding Learners With Exceptionalities in School and Society
FNCE-3301    Fundamentals of Financial Management
HIST-1370 The African American Experience Through Reconstruction
HIST-1371 The African American Experience Since Reconstruction
HIST-2436 Native American History Since Removal
HIST-2440 U.S. Society and Politics Since 1945
HIST-3333 History of Paris
HIST-3461 History of American Business and Capitalism (also listed as BUSN-3461)
MGMT-2301 Management of Organizations
MGMT-3371 Human Resources Management
MKTG-2301 Principles of Marketing
PHIL-2455 Aesthetics
RELI-3456 Digging for the Truth: Archaeology, Bibles, and Popular Media
RELI-3481 Native American Religions
SPAN-3312 Latin American Civilization
SPMT-3314 History of Sport in the United States

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