Trinity’s interdisciplinary minor in New Media is designed to prepare students to function professionally, academically, and personally in diverse new media environments. The required courses provide a foundation upon which students build an understanding of New Media in relation to art, communication, computer science, art history, English, engineering, philosophy, psychology, and/or music. The minor promotes new media research, development, and design while preparing students for careers in new media and other fields being transformed by evolving communication technologies.

Requirements for the minor

At least 19 credit hours, with no more than 10 hours in any one subject area, and at least 6 upper-division hours. 

I. Required courses: 10 hours
Course ID Course Title
ART-2452 Digital Photography
COMM-3344* Interactive Multimedia Communication [one of three topics: 1) Web Design; 2) Interactive Narratives; 3) Mobile Gaming]
CSCI-1311 Introduction to Programming Logic (or higher level CSCI course)
II. Elective courses: 9 hours, with 6 hours in "Application" and 3 hours in "Context" 

Application: 6 hours

Course ID Course Title
ART-3380 Advanced Digital Art
COMM-3340* Media Writing: Reporting on/for the Internet
COMM-3344* Interactive Multimedia Communication) [one of three topics not already taken: 1) Web Design; 2) Interactive Narratives; 3) Mobile Gaming]
CSCI-3353 Graphics
ENGR-1381 Engineering Analysis and Design I
MUSC-3305 Electronic Music
THTR-2313 Experiential Design

Context: 3 hours

Course ID Course Title
ART-3314 Issues in Contemporary Art
ARTH-1408 Art History II: Renaissance to Modern Art
ARTH-3360 Twentieth-Century Art
ARTH-3365 Contemporary Architecture
CLAS-2406 Technology and the Classical World
COMM-3328 Media, Culture, and Technology
HCOM-3332 Computer Mediated Communication and Social Relations
PHIL-3431 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-2455 Aesthetics
PSYC-2330 Fundamentals of Cognition
PSYC-3341 Social Psychology
THTR-2310 Principles of Design

* Note: Courses are approved by the New Media minor committee only for the specific topic listed. 

How to apply

Students interested in declaring a minor in New Media should contact Professor Aaron Delwiche; each student will then be assigned to a minor adviser.

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