This course is an introduction to nanometer scale aspects of chemistry, physics, and biology, and how these can be combined to fabricate architectures with dimensions in the nanometer scale. Principles of fabrication techniques that underpin this field will be presented with recent developments as case studies, including nanoparticles, self-assembled monolayers (SAMs), electromaterials, and other new materials. An extensive series of hands-on laboratory activities is a central part of the course. Students will fabricate and characterize nanoscale structures using a variety of techniques from biology, chemistry, physics, and materials science. In the first few weeks of the semester, we will focus on principles, concepts, and instrumentation utilized in nonfabrication. During the rest of the semester, students will choose a current paper from the literature and attempt to recreate the fabrication process and all characterization techniques. (Offered occasionally). Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor
1 credit
Upper Division