The minor in Linguistics provides students an opportunity to study the principles involved in the most basic and universal of human symbol systems. Classical and modern languages share with the disciplines of anthropology, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and speech pathology an interest in the nature of language: how it is acquired, how it is used, and how it changes across time and space. The minor allows the student to learn the basics of linguistics and to pursue the application of these tenets in a variety of fields.

Completion of this program will be indicated on the student’s transcript with the notation “Minor in Linguistics.”

Requirements for the minor

Eighteen (18) credit hours including at least nine (9) hours from the Primary Curriculum—three (3) hours from the Core area and three (3) hours each from any two other areas—and the remaining nine (9) hours from the Primary Curriculum and/or the Supporting Curriculum. At least nine (9) hours must be upper division.

Primary Curriculum


Course ID Course Title
HCOM-1305 Foundations of Linguistics (also listed as LING-1300)
HCOM-1310 Applied Linguistics (also listed as LING-1310)
LING-1300  Foundations of Linguistics (also listed as HCOM-1305)
LING-1310 Applied Linguistics (also listed as HCOM-1310)


Course ID Course Title
PSYC-2350 Language Development
PSYC-3321 Cognitive Development


Course ID Course Title
FREN-3301 Advanced Grammar
GERM-3301 Advanced German I
LATN-3301 Latin Prose Composition
MATH-3326 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
RUSS-3301 Advanced Russian I
RUSS-3302 Advanced Russian II
SPAN-3301 Advanced Grammar


Course ID Course Title
PHIL-3433 Philosophy of Language
Supporting Curriculum

Classical Studies

Course ID Course Title
CLAS-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics (also listed as FREN-3371, ITAL-3371, and SPAN-3371)
GREK-3402 Attic Prose
GREK-3404 Greek Historians
LATN-3403 Latin Prose to 43 B.C.
LATN-3405 Latin Prose from 43 B.C.


Course ID Course Title
COMM-3322 International Communication (also listed as HCOM-3374)

Computer Science

Course ID Course Title
CSCI-3320 Principles of Theoretical Computer Science
CSCI-3368 Principles of Programming Languages
CSCI-3094 Seminar: Provability
CSCI-3194 Seminar: Provability
CSCI-3294 Seminar: Provability
CSCI-3394 Seminar: Provability


Course ID Course Title
FREN-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics (also listed as CLAS-3371, ITAL-3371, and SPAN-3371)

Human Communication

Course ID Course Title
HCOM-3374 International Communication (also listed as COMM-3322)


Course ID Course Title
ITAL-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics (also listed as CLAS-3371, FREN-3371, and SPAN-3371)


Course ID Course Title
LING-3190 Directed Studies—Junior Level
LING-3290 Directed Studies—Junior Level
LING-3390 Directed Studies—Junior Level
LING-3490 Directed Studies—Junior Level
LING-4190 Directed Studies—Senior Level
LING-4290 Directed Studies—Senior Level
LING-4390 Directed Studies—Senior Level
LING-4490 Directed Studies—Senior Level


Course ID Course Title
PHIL-2340 Symbolic Logic I
PHIL-3431 Philosophy of Mind
PHIL-3340 Symbolic Logic II


Course ID Course Title
PSYC-2330 Fundamentals of Cognition
PSYC-3431 Memory and Cognition

Sociology and Anthropology

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-3431 Language, Culture, and Society (also listed as SOCI-3431)


Course ID Course Title
SPAN-3303 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
SPAN-3371 Introduction to Romance Linguistics (also listed as CLAS-3371, FREN-3371, and ITAL-3371)

Departmental topics courses, readings courses, and seminars on linguistic topics are acceptable as approved by the Linguistics Committee chair.

How to apply

Students interested in a Linguistics minor should submit an application to the chair of the Committee, who will assign a faculty adviser to the student.

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