Scientific Computing (SCOM)

SCOM-3199 Scientific Computing Project
The course involves undertaking a project that expands one of the laboratory or classroom exercises to make significant use of computers as a research tool. Students must work with a faculty mentor to develop an appropriate project (usually the instructor in the course). Co-requisite: Concurrent enrollment in one of the disciplinary practice courses approved for Section C of the requirements for this minor.
1 credit
Upper Division
Saber N. Elaydi
Saber N. Elaydi, Ph.D.
Program Director
Professor, Mathematics
Farzan Aminian
Farzan Aminian, Ph.D.
Professor, Engineering Science
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Julio Roberto Hasfura-Buenaga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Mark C. Lewis
Mark C. Lewis, Ph.D.
Professor, Computer Science
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Natasa Macura, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Mathematics
David Ribble
David Ribble, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Budget & Research, Biology
Dennis Ugolini
Dennis Ugolini, Ph.D.
Professor, Physics and Astronomy
Adam Urbach
Adam Urbach, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry

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