Requirements for the major

Core business curriculum:

The core business curriculum includes courses that may reside within the Michael Neidorff School of Business or in some other discipline and are foundational to all majors in the School.

All Neidorff School of Business majors require the following classes (37 hours):

  1. One of MATH-1305 or MATH-1311
  2. ECON-1311, ECON-1312
  3. ACCT-1301
  4. One of BAT-1101 or BAT-1102
  5. BAT-2301, BAT-2302, BAT-3301
  6. BUSN-3302, BUSN-4301
  7. MGMT-2301
  8. MKTG-2301
  9. FNCE-3301

Note: ECON-1311 and ECON-1312 may not be taken on a pass/fail basis

Other general requirements:
  1. Completion of an approved study abroad experience or the successful completion of a modern foreign language course numbered 2302 or its equivalent.
  2. Completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours.
Degree requirements:

The total number of credit hours from courses particular to this degree plan is 61 (37 hours from core business curriculum + 24 hours from specific courses).

Completion of this major involves the general requirements for admission, the core business curriculum, other general requirements and:

  1. Required courses (15 hours): MGMT-3361, FNCE-3361/ECON-3361, MKTG-3361, INTB-3361, INTB-4361
  2. International Business electives (6 hours):
  3. International experiential requirement (3 hours): International Business Internship (INTB-3396 or INTB-3372) with International Business Summer Program, Madrid Program, Shanghai Policy Program, or other pre-approved internship programs. 

    Note: University policy requires that all students intending to study abroad have a GPA of 2.75 or above. To satisfy the experiential requirement for the major, a student must have both an approved study abroad experience and an approved international internship (a minimum of 120 hours of work experience with the sponsoring company or organization). All students are strongly encouraged to complete their international internship while they study abroad.
  4. Language requirement: Foreign Language (3301 or 3302). Students must either complete a modern foreign language course (minimum level 3301) or demonstrate fluency in a foreign language.


For full admission to any Neidorff School of Business major (B.Sc. or B.A.), students must first complete the following courses from the core business curriculum with grades of C or better:

  1. One of MATH-1305 or MATH-1311
  2. ACCT-1301
  3. ECON-1311
  4. BAT-2301

Note: Department Chairs may grant provisional acceptance if it is apparent that an applicant can meet the requirements for full acceptance by the end of the semester in which application is made.

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