Strategic Management in the Sport Industry is an advanced and comprehensive course. The primary objective is to introduce students to the analysis of strategic problems and challenges facing sport industry executives. The course will require students to formulate strategies and consider implementation issues. To achieve the course goals, students will learn design thinking, a process for creative problem solving. (Offered every Fall.) Prerequisites: One of the following: SPMT 3308, 3309, 3316, 3317, or 3319; and one of the following: BAT 3302, COMM 3357, COMM 3360, COMM 3361, ECON 3327, FNCE 3301, HCOM 3360, HCOM 3362, INTB 3330, MGMT 3372, MGMT 3383, MKTG 3382, or MKTG 3383
3 credits
Upper Division