This course represents an overview of the most important economic relationship of the twenty-first century. The global financial crisis that started in 2008 revealed just how much the strategic relationship between China and the United States represents the heart of the world's economy. China has recently surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest economy and America's third largest commercial partner. The rise of China has brought about a reorganization of the global economy and the international balance of power. This new world order carries challenges and opportunities. China remains a communist country with a significant legacy of a command economy. It is also a market economy. Understanding this mixture - capitalism with Chinese characteristics or the Chinese variety Capitalism - is the major aim of this course. We also cover topics relevant to the economic relationship between China and the USA, including international trade and the balance of trade, the Chinese currency system, the growth of China and its growing influence in the international sphere. (Also listed as ECON 3367, CHIN 3367, and BUSN 3367.)
3 credits
Upper Division
The Interdisciplinary Clusters | Beyond Globalization
The Capacities | Global Awareness