Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the global phenomenon of urbanization as well as the history and nature of cities. Urban Studies majors have extensive interaction with the city in research, class projects, and internships.

Requirements for the major

I. Specific major degree requirements (34-39 credit hours total):

A. The Core Curriculum:

Course ID Course Title
URBS/SOCI 1310 The Urban Experience

One methods class from the following list:

Course ID Course Title
URBS/SOCI 3465 Research Methods: GIS
URBS/SOCI 3360 Research Methods: Social Statistics
SOCI 3353 Research Methods: Fieldwork 
HIST 3381 Historians and Their Craft
GEOS 3308 GIS and Remote Sensing

The Senior Experience: 

Course ID Course Title
URBS 4494 Capstone in Urban Studies

B. The Interdisciplinary Curriculum: at least 24 credit hours from the following list (18 of which must be at upper-division level):

Course ID Course Title
ANTH 3452 Global Cities
ANTH 3445 Understanding Refugees
ARTH 1412 Art and Architecture of Latin America Since the Sixteenth Century 
ARTH 3452 Nineteenth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
ARTH 3454 Mexico City 
ARTH 3464 Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
CLAS 1308 Daily Life in Ancient Rome 
ECON 3323 The Economics of Government 
ECON/URBS 3334 Urban Economics 
GEOS 1304 Environmental Geology 
GRST 3307 Berlin: From Cabarets to Communists
HIST 1371 The African-American Experience since Reconstruction 
HIST 3333 History of Paris 
PLSI 3413 Policy Analysis and Policymaking
PLSI 3416/URBS 3336 Urban Government and Politics 
SOCI 2314 Social Problems and Human Values
SOCI 3340 Urban Geography 
URBS 3370 Applied Urban Studies 
URBS 4-91 Special Topics in Urban Studies (as appropriate)
II. University requirements

completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours. 

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