Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the global phenomenon of urbanization as well as the history and nature of cities. Urban Studies majors have extensive interaction with the city in research, class projects, and internships.

Requirements for the major

I. Specific major degree requirements (35-39 credit hours total):

A. The Core Curriculum:

Course ID Course Title
URBS-1310/SOCI-1310 The Urban Experience

One methods class from the following list:

Course ID Course Title
COMM-3354 Quantitative Research Methods
PLSI-3372 Research Methods in Political Science
URBS-3465/SOCI-3465 Research Methods: GIS
URBS-3360/SOCI-3360 Research Methods: Social Statistics
SOCI-3353 Research Methods: Fieldwork
GEOS-3308 GIS and Remote Sensing

The Senior Experience: 

Course ID Course Title
URBS 4494 Capstone in Urban Studies

B. The Interdisciplinary [transdisciplinary] Curriculum: 24 credit hours from the following list One class from each of the following pairs (19-20 credits):

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-3452 or
Global Cities or 
Neoliberal City
ARTH-3452 or
19th c Arch and Urbanism or 
20th c Arch and Urbanism
ARTH-2428 or
The First Cities or
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
ECON-3434 or
ECON-3430 or
Urban Economics or
Economics and the Environment or
Economics of Government
PLSI-3416 or
PLSI 3413
Urban Politics or
Policy Analysis and Policy Making

Additional 2 courses from the above list or in consultation with your advisor.  Please note that the economics cluster requires completion of ECON-1311: Principles of Microeconomics.

II. University requirements

completion of all other required elements of the Pathways curriculum and at least 120 credit hours. 

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