Minor in Urban Studies

Immerse yourself in urban history, society, and development, and contribute to social change—all in the vibrant, diverse city of San Antonio. The minor in urban studies is an ideal way to balance becoming an involved citizen of your city with other academic interests.

Requirements for the minor

I. Completion of 18 credit hours of Urban Studies courses, including:


A. The Core Curriculum:

Course ID Course Title
URBS-1310/SOCI-1310 The Urban Experience

B. Urban Studies electives (15 credit hours) chosen from the course list below.  At least 9 hours of the total must be in upper-division courses.

Course ID Course Title
ANTH-3452 or
Global Cities or 
Neoliberal City
ARTH-3452 or
19th c Arch and Urbanism or 
20th c Arch and Urbanism
ARTH-2428 or
The First Cities or
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
ECON-3434 or
ECON-3430 or
Urban Economics or
Economics and the Environment or
Economics of Government
PLSI-3416 or
PLSI 3413
Urban Politics or
Policy Analysis and Policy Making
II. Additional Requirements:
  • At least 9 hours of the total must be in upper-division courses.
  • No more than 12 of the hours used to satisfy the minor requirements (including cross-listed courses) may come from any one department.
  • At least 9 hours of the total must come from URBS courses (including cross-listed courses).
  • No more than 3 hours of URBS-3188, URBS-3288, URBS-3388, URBS-3488, URBS-3189, URBS-3289, URBS-3389, URBS-3489, URBS-3689 may be used to meet the minor requirements.

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