Not available to students majoring in Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

Only available to those in the 2021-2022 catalog or later. Other classes should follow the Interdisciplinary Clusters pathway.


Department or Program:
Classical Studies

In this Discovery you will learn about the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome. From the rise of Mycenean Greek civilization in 1600 B.C.E. to the fall of the western Roman empire in 476 C.E., these two cultures not only dominated much of the Mediterranean for over two millennia but also had an enormous impact on world history. This discovery will introduce you to the complex and diverse societies that flourished during this period, focusing on their literature, religion, art, and mythical world.


a) Completion of at least 3 hours from:

Course Title
CLAS-1303 The Age of Augustus 3 credits
CLAS-1304 Introduction to Classical Archaeology 3 credits
CLAS-1305 Classical Mythology 3 credits
CLAS-1307 Gender and Identity in the Ancient World 3 credits
CLAS-1308 Daily Life in Ancient Rome 3 credits
CLAS-1309 Pirates, Merchants, and Marines: Seafaring in the Ancient Mediterranean 3 credits
CLAS-1310 Daily Life in Ancient Greece 3 credits
CLAS-1312 Greeks, Romans, and Persians 3 credits
CLAS-1315 Afterlives of Antiquity: Underworlds in The Western Tradition 3 credits
CLAS-1317 Classical Traditions in Science Fiction 3 credits
CLAS-2406 Technology and the Classical World 4 credits

b) Completion of at least 6 hours from:

Course Title
CLAS-3302 Greek and Roman Epic 3 credits
CLAS-3404 The Ancient Novel 4 credits
CLAS-3405 Antiquity and Modernity 4 credits
CLAS-3407 The Homeric Iliad 4 credits
CLAS-3408 The Homeric Odyssey 4 credits
CLAS-3409 Epic Journeys 4 credits
CLAS-3310 Antiquity and Diversity in Contemporary Literature 3 credits
CLAS-3311 Ancient Worlds in Film & Television 3 credits
CLAS-3312 Archaic and Classical Greece 3 credits
CLAS-3314 The Mediterranean World in the Hellenistic Age 3 credits
CLAS-3318 Ancient Rome: Late Republic and Early Empire 3 credits
CLAS-3319 The World of Late Antiquity 3 credits
CLAS-3338 Greek Religious Experience 3 credits
CLAS-3350 Theorizing Myth 3 credits
CLAS-3377 Reimagining Tragedy 3 credits

Additional Information

  • A student must complete at least one  Discovery to qualify for graduation
  • Courses in the Discovery must be taken at Trinity University.
  • Students can also fulfill the Discovery requirement by completing a second major or a minor.
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