Not available to students majoring in Greek.

Only available to those in the 2021-2022 catalog or later. Other classes should follow the Interdisciplinary Clusters pathway.


Department or Program:
Classical Studies

In this Discovery you will build upon your knowledge of Ancient Greek and encounter some of the major works written in the Greek language. You will read, in the original Greek, a selection from some of most enduring works from ancient Rome; typical texts and authors include Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Euripides' Medea, Plato's Symposium, Herodotus' Histories, and selections from the ancient Greek novel. This discovery will also introduce you to the complex society that produced these works of Greek literature.


a) Completion of at least 3 hours from:

Course Title
GREK-2402 Readings in Classical Greek Literature 4 credits
GREK-2303 Readings in the New Testament 3 credits

b) Completion of at least 6 hours from: (* all courses have as a prerequisite: GREK 2402, 2303, or the equivalent):

Course Title
GREK-3401 Homer and Greek Epic 4 credits
GREK-3402 Attic Prose 4 credits
GREK-3403 Greek Drama 4 credits
GREK-3404 Greek Historians 4 credits
GREK-3405 Greek Lyric 4 credits

Additional Information

  • A student must complete at least one  Discovery to qualify for graduation
  • Courses in the Discovery must be taken at Trinity University.
  • Students can also fulfill the Discovery requirement by completing a second major or a minor.
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