• Pache joined the Trinity faculty in 2009. 

    Her interests include Greek archaic poetry -- especially Homer and the Homeric Hymns -- Greek religion and myth, and the modern reception of ancient poetry.

    Current projects include In Search of Penelope: Memory and Female Power in Homer’s Odyssey, a monograph on the reception of the figure of Penelope in the 20th and 21st century, and an essay on the childhood of Heracles for The Oxford Handbook to Heracles, edited by Daniel Ogden.

    Every summer since 2012, Pache brings two Classical Studies majors to participate in the Homer Multitext Project at the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies, in Washington,DC, where we work on an electronic edition of the Venetus A manuscript of Homer’s Iliad: http://www.homermultitext.org 

    • Ph.D., Harvard University 
    • B.A., Hunter College
    • Cambridge Guide to Homer, Cambridge University Press, 2019.
    • Review of Emily Wilson, Homer. The Odyssey. Norton, 2017. BMCR (http://www.bmcreview.org/2018/10/20181058.html)
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    • Greek Literature 
    • Greek History and Culture 
    • Modern Reception of Classical Literature 
    • Huma 1600
    • 2018, Mellon Initiative Humanities Lab for Early Books and Manuscripts Lab
    • 2016, Mellon Summer Undergraduate Research Grant 
    • 2016, Trinity University Summer Research Stipend 
    • 2015, Mellon Course - Embedded Research Grant 
    • 2013-2014, American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship
    • 2015 - 2016, member, Trinity Master Plan Committee
    • 2012 - 2015, Director, HUMA 1600, "Readings in Western Cultures"