Meet Trinity’s New Special Adviser for Inclusive Excellence
Juan Sepúlveda draws on a wealth of experiences to make Trinity welcoming to all

Trinity Community,

It's no secret: Trinity's faculty members are key ingredients to making our University what it is, and Juan Sepúlveda exemplifies that.

Aside from being Trinity’s first Special Adviser for Inclusive Excellence, Sepúlveda is the Calgaard Distinguished Professor of Practice in Political Science. He has helped develop Latinx leadership programs and experiential learning classes designed to help San Antonio solve some of its most pressing issues. Prior to joining Trinity, he had a distinguished career in public broadcasting and politics.

I sat down with Juan recently to discuss the concept of adaptive leadership, and how it is helping to solve issues on campus by bringing people together. He’ll give us an update on the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Council, which has been tasked with implementing a goals-based strategic plan for inclusive excellence. And you’ll learn about how his boyhood home of Topeka, Kansas has had a lasting impact on his life.

Juan’s enthusiasm is infectious. I urge you to take a few minutes to learn more about his work at Trinity, and how we all play a role in making Trinity a welcoming place to all.


Danny J. Anderson

Danny J. Anderson is the 19th president of Trinity University, located in San Antonio, Texas. Anderson’s vision for Trinity includes ensuring that the University is recognized as the model of 21st century liberal arts and sciences education.

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