Returning to Campus, Revisiting our Values.
A Message from President Anderson
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Trinity Community:

Welcome to the beginning of a new semester, Fall 2021! Take a moment to let the excitement of a new beginning sink in. While the prevalence of the delta variant has affected our plans, I remain excited and hopeful for a year of in-person, on-campus learning and living.

We come together with new insights and with the experience gained from the ways we have learned to live since March 2020. Yes, we have all experienced losses and we are processing our grief in different ways. Yes, we have confusing mixtures of emotion, including fear and anxiety, anger and resentment, and at times simple denial. Yet every day we have the choice to embrace the opportunity of a new day to be lived, enjoyed, and made meaningful.

One of the deepest wells of inspiration for making choices is our values. Part of the resilience that sustains the Trinity community during these times comes from our commitment to living our values of enduring excellence, intentional inclusion, and perpetual discovery. While we may not be perfect, our values create the framework for choices that guide our ambitions and give us meaningful, purposeful direction.

I recently recorded my thoughts on Trinity’s values. As we begin this semester, I wanted to share my reflections with you.

Values create a framework for testing the choices that guide our ambitions. I find it helpful to occasionally ask myself if I’m living up to Trinity’s values. I invite you to reflect on how you might put these values in your own words, how you see them in action in yourself and in those around you. Whether you're an active part of campus today, or you share fond memories of your time here decades ago, you will undoubtedly see that Trinity remains rooted in values that propel our mission to provide a transformative, accessible education.

Faculty and staff, I am incredibly proud of what you have accomplished in preparing for this new academic year. Students, I am energized to see you come together as a genuine community after so many months of delay and separation. I anticipate with deep excitement seeing in the weeks and months ahead what you will achieve on the journey to becoming Trinity alumni.

For our families, friends, and alumni who are reading this letter from afar, thank you for all your support as we begin this year. While change is a constant at Trinity, we remain rooted in the values that propel our mission to provide a transformative, accessible education. Thank you for all your support.

Best wishes for a wonderful start to a new academic year.

Welcome back, Trinity.

Danny J. Anderson is the 19th president of Trinity University, located in San Antonio, Texas. Anderson’s vision for Trinity includes ensuring that the University is recognized as the model of 21st century liberal arts and sciences education.

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