• H. J. Yoo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Trinity University. Her research interests include the US alliance, East Asian security, China's foreign policy, Korean politics, and international relations theory.

    Yoo was an East Asia Institute (EAI) Fellow on Peace, Governance, and Development in East Asia, a Korea Foundation Fellow, a visiting Fellow at the East West Center, Washington, D.C., and a Social Science Research Council's Abe Fellow in 2013-14.

    Yoo's articles appeared in various journals, including Australian Journal of International Affairs, International Relations of the Asia Pacific, and Asian Perspective. She was a specialist in the Korean Development Institute, Seoul, Korea. Yoo is native Korean and can speak and read Chinese.

    • Ph.D. - Georgetown University  
    •  International Politics
    • East Asian Security
    • War and Alliance
    • Chinese Foreign Policy
    • U.S. Foreign Policy