• Dr. Crosson is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and an affiliate of the Program on Urban Studies at Trinity University. Prior to his arrival at Trinity, he served as a 2019-2020 Fellow and Visiting Research Scholar at Princeton University’s Center for the Study of Democratic Politics. He is from Reedsville, Pennsylvania, a small town located in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Crosson's research and teaching agendas stem from his interest in why public policy changes when it does, and why it often fails to do so. His research examines the institutional underpinnings of policy change and gridlock, with a particular interest in how legislative parties and electoral competition, interest group activity, and legislative professionalism influence how, when, and why public policy changes. His research on this and other topics has been published in American Political Science Review, Political Science Research & Methods, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Interest Groups & Advocacy, and the Munich Social Science Review.

    At Trinity, Dr. Crosson has taught courses on Congress, public policymaking, elections and representation, and political persuasion, and he looks forward to offering future coursework in research methodology, parties and interest groups, and state and local politics at Trinity.

    • Ph.D., University of Michigan’s Department of Political Science
    • B.A., Hofstra University  in Political Science