• Robert Huesca worked in book publishing, newspaper journalism, and community television prior to joining the faculty at Trinity U.

    • Ph.D., The Ohio State University 
    • M.A., The University of Texas at Austin 
    • B.A., California State University, Fullerton
    • Huesca, R. (2009). "Ethical challenges in U.S. youth radio training programs". In T. Tufte & F. Enghel (Eds.), Youth engaging with the world: Media, Communication and social change. Yearbook 2009 of The International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media (pp. 249–264). Göteborg, Sweden: Nordicom.
    • Huesca, R. (2008). "Activist Media." In W. Donsbach, (Ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Communication (Vol. 1). Malden, MA: Blackwell.
    • Huesca, R. (2008). "Youth-produced radio and its impacts: From personal empowerment to political action." In N. Carpentier, & B. De Cleen, (Eds.), Participation and media production: Critical reflections on content creation. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    My research for the most part examines community communication practices, many of which occur in Latin America, a real hotbed of local, participatory communication.

    • Mass Media 
    • Intercultural Communication 
    • International Communication 

    I've worked with volunteer organizations to help showcase the work of public access television producers and to publish the work of homeless people in an occasional newspaper.

    I'm active with the university's Languages Across the Curriculum program, the International Studies Committee, the Mach Scholarship Committee, and the Trinity University Choral Union.