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What is Workday Finance?

Workday Finance helps the University to streamline and digitize its financial processes.

Be sure to check out the Digital Transformation initiative’s rollout information and timeline.

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Training Webinars on Demand

All training webinars that have been recorded are available for view. For additional videos, see the Quick References Guides.

Procurement and Suppliers

Purchasing through Amazon Punchout

This video walks you through how to place orders through Amazon punchout (which is also available for Dell).

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Create Receipt: Part I

This video offers a walk-through tutorial covering how to create a receipt in Workday for a purchase order that was requested through a requisition.

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Create Receipt: Part II

This video demonstrates how to make a receipt in Workday, once you have received your order.

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My Reports

This video walks you through three main reports in workday: “My Requisitions,” “My Supplier Invoice Request,” and “My Supplier Request.”

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Supplier Invoice Request - Split Costs

This video demonstrates how to divide costs on an order between more than one cost centers.

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Supplier Invoice Request for Honorarium

This video shows you how to create a supplier invoice request that does not have an associated invoice (such as for honorariums).

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Supplier Invoice Requests

This video teaches you how to create a general supplier invoice request.

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Supplier Management

This video explains how you can add a supplier (both corporations and individuals).

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Budgets and Reports

Budget Management

This video will teach you all about budget to actual reports, budget checking within Workday, and budget amendments.

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View Grants

This video demonstrates how to view grants and complete budget to actual reports.

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Understand Grants in Workday - Workday Grants Training Recorded Sessions (Video Only)

These videos cover everything related to grants in Workday, including information about getting started, procurement, deposits, and budget management. The two videos differ from one another in terms of their Q&A sessions.

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Financial Accounting


This video explains how gifts, grants, and other income and reimbursements to the University (including cash, checks, and point of sale devices) will be handled in Workday.

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Foundation Data Model (FDM) Chart of Accounts

This video walks you through the Foundation Data Model, a multidimensional data structure in Workday that serves as the basis of financial transactions and reporting, and is replacing the chart of accounts in Colleague.

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JE Requests Accounting Adjustments

This video will teach you about the difference between journal entries, which involve any transaction that does not involve a payment to or from someone outside of Trinity, and accounting adjustments, which only involve changing the spend category or cost center.

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