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Join your colleagues in supporting Trinity. The collective effort and commitments make a positive difference for our students, alumni, and community.

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Why does my gift matter?

Does my gift really make a difference?

Yes! The more people who choose to give, the greater the collective impact will be. In Trinity’s 2014 fiscal year, over 2,500 supporters made gifts of $250 or less to Trinity, which contributed more than $198,000 in support.

I work at Trinity; why should I give money to the University?

Gifts to Trinity by Faculty & Staff show the collective spirit to invest in a top tier institution. It is hard to ask the community to support Trinity if we don’t believe in our work enough to invest in it ourselves. Corporations and Foundations look for high levels of support from our faculty and staff when making funding decisions, as well. Please note: Trinity is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.

Trinity’s endowment is so large. Why should I give?

Trinity is fortunate to have a relatively large endowment, but the endowment earnings cover less than two thirds of the University’s annual operating budget. To provide the highest quality education for current students while ensuring the long-term stability of the university, Trinity must utilize only a portion of the endowment’s value each year rather than spending it down over time. So while the endowment does a lot of the heavy lifting, the philanthropic support of alumni, employees and friends continues to play a significant role in maintaining Trinity’s excellence.

I donated during the United Way campaign. Is this counted in the Faculty and Staff campaign totals?

The United Way campaign supports nonprofits in the San Antonio community but not Trinity. Gifts made during the United Way campaign are not included in the Trinity University totals.

Ways to Give


Payroll Deduction

Submit the employee contribution form for an easy, convenient way to spread your gift over multiple, ongoing payments.


Give Online

You can make a credit card gift online anytime.



Return the contribution form with your check at any time or when you receive your faculty and staff fundraising appeal or any other Trinity Fund appeal.

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