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With confidence, curiosity, and creativity, Trinity University is transforming our world’s future—and President Vanessa B. Beasley is leading the charge.

Join us for a weeklong celebration culminating in the investiture of Vanessa B. Beasley, Ph.D., Trinity University’s 20th president.

Imagining What’s Next

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The inauguration isn’t just about passing the torch—sure, that part is fun, and you should watch it in action!—it’s about celebrating what’s next for Trinity University: a spark of energy into a community of lifelong learners ignited by imagination and compassion, and driven by a sense of duty to each other and to the world.

A Community Celebration

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Trinity University is excited to showcase how imagination has sparked our innovative faculty and student research, our passionate commitment to student success, and our creativity within our community. We invite the entire Trinity community—students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, delegates, and our friends in San Antonio—to join us for events from February 7 - 11, with the week-long celebration culminating in President Beasley’s investiture.

Schedule of Events

Our Future is Bright

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Job number one? Continuing Trinity’s rise to prominence on the national stage, sparking recognition for what the University is already doing: unwavering commitment to the student experience through interdisciplinary experiential learning and undergraduate research on a residential campus in one of the nation’s most vibrant urban areas.

President Beasley is leading the charge with creativity and imagination. Will you join her?

Meet President Beasley


Reflection Ignited

Inauguration Graphic

Curious about the Imagination Ignited graphic? We had a lot of fun creating it!

The graphic is based on the University seal, the storied academic emblem representing the Office of the President and educational history at Trinity University.

Sun rays taken from the seal and cropped in an intriguing, contemporary style showcase the energy, excitement, and forward momentum of Dr. Beasley’s presidency.

animated image of Trinity's seal with sunrays coming shining in top right corner