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Live & Local - July 2020
KRTU's Indie Overnight Live & Local is a showcase of local musicians and music. You can tune in to Live & Local everything Thursday night from 10 pm 'til Midnight, hosted by Travis Hildenbrand, edited and directed by Albert Salinas.
Monday, July 6, 2020

July 2nd - Rob Mochen, Bright Like the Sun / CodaFin Touring

As hyper specialization and hard line structure go the way of the dinosaur, the indie music scene needs do-it-all DIYers now more than ever.  Enter Rob Mochen: father, guitarist, booking agent, tour manager, equipment lessor, and purveyor of fine hats.  Born of necessity and amplified by opportunity, he provides essential services for artists from all over.  In addition to creating music with San Antonio post-rock group Bright Like the Sun, he also works tirelessly to bring fresh sounds to the good people of the Lone Star State.  He sees the scene from all angles, and this week we are privy to his multidimensional perspectives on the indie rock community.

July 9th - Bitforce

What is nerdcore?  Who are the nerds and why are they core-ing?  Joey D and Toph Lawrence of Bitforce have all of these answers and more as we do a deep dive into the hearts and minds of this thriving (and growing) arts niche.  Together, we will learn about the ethos of the nerdcore community, exciting collaborative efforts, and even some of the more tedious aspects of being a musician in 2020.  Whether shredding anime theme music or fighting the bureaucracy of YouTube licensing, Bitforce is here to make waves and cue us in on the who's, what's, where's and why's.

July 16th - Minosa

The golden age of the bedroom musician is upon us!  Frankly, we couldn't be happier about it.  Miriam Ward of Houston is a rising voice in this wave with her prog/instrumental project Minosa.  We are fortunate enough to learn about her writing and recording processes, as well as how she balances the technicality/prodigiousness often associated with the genre against her emotive/artistic goals.  Social distancing may have slowed live performances and gatherings, but it has not stood in the way of this Texas musician's creative expression.

July 23rd - Lump King

Musical creativity isn't just for hominins.  Inspired by his hobby of studying humanity, the sludge goblin Lump King has created a collection of sounds we find to be quite pleasing.  What was at first a curiosity has become a favorite pastime of our new goblin friend, so much so that he immersed himself in what one might call an ethnographic study of sorts.  The discoveries of office culture, in all of its mundane and melancholic anti-glory, is the inspiration for the music and conversation that he was so generous to share with us.

July 30th - Bestia

The geographical expanse of our great land can seem limitless; the same can be said for the creativity of the people who reside here.  Just when it seems we may be reaching a barrier where music can go no further, an artist comes along and banishes any perceived boundaries into oblivion. The sounds of Bestia are a shining example of these ideas.  Whether molding soundscapes via purely digital or solely mechanical mediums, the results are truly as fresh as they are pleasing to the ear.  Join us as we discuss the death of genre and obsoletion of aesthetic with this ambient artist.

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