Live & Local - November 2020
KRTU's Indie Overnight Live & Local is a showcase of local musicians and music.
Monday, November 2, 2020
KRTU News in San Antonio

You can tune in to Live & Local everything Thursday night from 10 pm 'til Midnight, hosted by Travis Hildenbrand, edited and directed by Albert Salinas.

November 5th - The Last Bandoleros

Live and Local programming on KRTU is all about *Texas* music (written in our best Sandy Cheeks / Steve Austin accent).  We found The Last Bandoleros to be kindred spirits in that regard.  With tunes that'll give you that good ol' fishin' with grandpa feelin' - and grooves that'll make you take your ex two-steppin' - these four bandoleros are keeping the outlaw spirit alive!  Tune in to learn about the "4 S's" of San Antonio music as well as what it is about Texas music that holds a special place in the hearts of the band.

November 12th - yawny yelly glowy floaty

In the immortal words of Jackie DeShannon, "What the world needs now is love."  Luckily for Texas music fans, yawny yellow glowy floaty is here to deliver!  With their new single, It's a Good World, the duo explores the indelible good that is woven into the fabric of the human experience.  In a discussion that radiates peace, calm, and serenity, we learn about the lifestyle that inspires their work and how many different ways there are to prepare a mango!

November 19th - Harvey McLaughlin

Not all superheros wear capes, some wear a signature mustache and move music lovers to shake, rattle, and roll.  The word "unique" has perhaps been overused in reference to musical artists; but we are here to tell you that truly there is no one quite like Harvey McLaughlin.  Highly renowned in the San Antonio arts community (and quickly gaining traction across the state and beyond), this artist blends and bends genres in a manner that is instantly recognizable as none other than Big Bad Harv.  Join us as we learn a little bit more about the man behind the sound and listen to the new album, Rascality.

November 26th - Jay Wile

Much to the delight of our state's show goer's and indie enthusiasts, Jay Wile has spread his silky smooth take on R&B/soul/bedroom pop across Texas.  Spending time in the San Antonio, College Station, and Austin metros, this artist has a first hand appreciation for just how varied the musical landscape can be here in the Lone Star State.  Now rapidly gaining recognition on streaming platforms and in the press, we were curious to know how his musical past is influencing his future creative goals, and what he has coming down the pipe!

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