Live & Local - September 2020
You can tune in to Live & Local everything Thursday night from 10 pm 'til Midnight, hosted by Travis Hildenbrand, edited and directed by Albert Salinas.
Tuesday, September 1, 2020
KRTU News in San Antonio

KRTU's Indie Overnight Live & Local is a showcase of local musicians and music. You can tune in to Live & Local everything Thursday night from 10 pm 'til Midnight, hosted by Travis Hildenbrand, edited and directed by Albert Salinas.

September 3rd - When the Sky Sleeps

We kick off our artist interviews this month with Carlos Jimenez of When the Sky Sleeps.  Carlos is a veteran of the San Antonio music scene, having spent years grinding in practice rooms and stages across the Alamo City.  He is now using his experiences to help newer artists succeed, while still keeping the music first and foremost.  We get to hear a couple of tunes off of his new release Skylit Phases as well as why soundscape style music holds a special place in his heart.

September 10th - Noah Slavin

Energetic, optimistic, creative, and connected, Noah Slavin is one of the hardest working musicians in the Texas DIY scene.  Chances are, nearly all of San Antonio’s indie music enthusiasts have seen him on stage or on their social media feeds at one time or another.  This time of isolation and social distancing has brought Noah back to a place of artistic purity, driving him to create art without regard for how it may be received.  We get to listen to his new single and pick his brain on West versus South Texas music culture.

September 17th - Opaque Ghost

Admittedly, we have a special affinity for good old garage shaking, pavement stomping, down and dirty, Texas indie rock at Live and Local.  Opaque Ghost delivers what the people want in spades with their new release, Hues.  This week, we chat with the band about their origins, west side pride, and what makes a given ghost opaque. 

September 24th - Dreambored

Is there anything in the wide world of indie more heartwarming than a married dream-pop duo?  Dreambored is the musical love child of filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley.  Join us as we compare and contrast artistic mediums, discuss creating with a partner, and, of course, listen to the tunes!

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