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Elevating Inclusive Excellence
University continues progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
Monday, November 22, 2021

Progress continues in the University’s efforts to make the campus intentionally inclusive. As a result of its August 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Task Force report, Trinity has embarked on a comprehensive mission to form permanent and foundational initiatives that can build strong anti-bias and anti-racist structures on its campus and beyond. The journey toward a more inclusive Trinity community is continual, and the University has committed itself to these goals through several initiatives and programs.


DEI Leadership

The University is finalizing its plans for the structure of a central leadership position tasked with overseeing Trinity’s efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In recent months, Trinity has brought on new leaders that have background or expertise in diversity and inclusion initiatives.
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DEI Center

Trinity continues to develop concepts for a center that brings together research and teaching on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This vision will guide efforts to fund the center through philanthropic support. A DEI center can provide an engaging framework for students, faculty, staff, and alumni and serve as a home for programs focused on understanding differences, promoting racial and ethnic healing, and examining historic restoration.


Campus Programming and Mentorship

The Division of Student Life has launched dozens of new programs that tackle bias training and DEI education for new and current students. The division offers mentoring programs for underrepresented populations, promotes new resources for disability inclusion and academic support, and furthers the empowerment of the Student Diversity and Inclusion Office.


Professional Development

Faculty and staff have worked collaboratively to establish purposeful and cohesive approaches to professional development. Some workshops have already occurred this year, and the University will link meaningful professional development and personal DEI goals to the annual review process. University leadership has engaged in weekly professional development work, and many have conducted similar workshops in their divisions.


Policy Updates

Trinity has put in place concrete policies and procedures tackling bias and discrimination, including a new Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination as well as the new Student Disability Accommodation Grievance Policy. Both of these policies are a direct result of Trinity’s commitment to the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force’s recommendations, as well as shared governance. In addition, the University is conducting an “equity audit” of all Trinity policies as they come up for review and renewal.



Trinity University enrolled as an inaugural member of the Liberal Arts College Racial Equity Leadership Alliance (LACRELA). The consortium helps universities strategically develop and achieve equity goals, better understand and correct climate problems, avoid and recover from racial crises, and foster a sustainable culture of inclusion.

Ted Gartner '91 helps tell Trinity's story as a member of Strategic Communications and Marketing.

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