The following translations were prepared by Rebecca KrogerMaggie Lupo, and Kirsten Timco in Andrew Kraebel's seminar on medieval English lyric poetry in Fall 2019.

1. A Meditation of the Five Wounds of Jesus

The text is copied beginning on f. 212rb of the Lincoln Thornton manuscript, with each line of verse divided across multiple lines of the manuscript's narrow columns. It consists of five stanzas (one per wound) followed by a series of prayers. The Lincoln Thornton is the only surviving copy of the poem.

I adore you, most merciful Jesus, who redeemed me. Good Jesus, for the too-bitter pain and wound which you have suffered for me in your right hand, I pray you to guide my mind, my habits, my feelings, my works, so that I may serve you wholly with my mind.

I adore you, most merciful Jesus, who redeemed me. Sweet Jesus, by the heavy pain of the wound you suffered in your left hand for us wretches, I beseech you to mercifully forgive whatever sins I have committed by touch, uncleanness, and depravity of works.

I adore you, most merciful Jesus, who redeemed me. Gentle Jesus, by the bitter wound that pierced your right foot with the point of the nail, I pray you to direct my steps, preparing a favorable journey on the path of your commandments and ways.

I adore you, most merciful Jesus, who redeemed me. Merciful Jesus, for the wound which, stretched on the gibbet, you deigned to suffer in your right food, I ask you to deign to absolve me from all the sin that I, stepping through evils, committed to this world.

I adore you, most merciful Jesus, who redeemed me. Pious Jesus, by the venerable wound that was made in your right side with lance, I ask you to see fit to absolve me of all the crimes I have committed by a wicked glance, word, and deed.

I adore you, most merciful Jesus, who redeemed me. I pray for myself and my people, O Christ, King of Clemency: increase justice for the faithful, give the gift of your pardon to the guilty, so that you may lead us, remembering your death and oppressive passion, from the misery of this world to the kingdom of glory. Amen.

We adore you O Christ and we bless you, for by your holy cross and your passion you have redeemed the world. Help us, our God, we pray. Let all the earth adore you, God, and sing psalms to you. Let them say a psalm to your name, Lord. Let us pray: O God, who through the precious blood of your only-begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ saw fit to redeem the human race: grant favorably that those who draw near to adore your life-giving cross may be freed from the bonds of their sins, through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


2. A Meditation of the Cross

This text appears immediately after the previous one, beginning on f. 212vb. Despite its title in the manuscript, the hymn presents a litany of praise to Christ, concluding, again, with a prayer.

O cross, salvific shoot, watered by the living stream,
Whose flower is sweetly smelling, whose fruit desired,
Jesus, begotten from the Father, Jesus, prefigured,
Jesus, heaven-sent, Jesus, born of Mary,
Jesus, similar to the Fathers, Jesus, shown to the Magi,
Jesus, subject to the laws, Jesus, exiled from the Kingdom,
Jesus, confirmed by the Baptist, Jesus, tested by the Enemy,
Jesus, amazing in his signs, Jesus, transfigured,
Jesus, watchful shepherd, Jesus, washed with tears,
Jesus, recognized as king of the world, Jesus prostrate in prayer,
Jesus, sold by deceit, Jesus, sacred bread,
Jesus, surrounded by the crowd, Jesus, bound in chains,
Jesus, unknown to famous men, Jesus, face veiled,
Jesus, handed over to Pilate, Jesus, condemned to death,
Jesus, despised by all, Jesus, nailed to the cross;
Jesus, joined by robbers, Jesus, having drunk gall,
Jesus, the sun eclipsed at your death, Jesus pierced by a lance,
Jesus, soaked with blood, Jesus, entombed,
Jesus, triumphant in death, Jesus, rising with blessing,
Jesus, the paramount of beauty, Jesus priest to the world,
Jesus, esteemed teacher, Jesus, releasing us from guilt,
Jesus, generous of spirit, Jesus, lifted to heaven,
Jesus, truthful witness, Jesus, angry judge,
Jesus, magnificent victor, Jesus, adorned bridegroom,
Jesus, King and Son of the King, Jesus, sealed book,
Jesus, ray of the sun, Jesus, desired end.
Feed us, O Cross, with these fruits, enlighten our minds,
Fill us with holy radiance, breathe pious breaths,
Lead us on right pathways, crush the efforts of our enemies,
And be a tranquil way of life for those looking upon Christ. Amen.
Antiphon: It is right for us to glory in the cross of Jesus Christ, in whom is our health, life, and resurrection, through whom we are saved and set free. Verse: Let all the earth adore you, God, and sing psalms to you. Let them say psalms to your name. Let us pray: God, you ascended the holy cross and illuminated the shadows of the world: see fit to illuminate our hearts and bodies, who lives and reigns with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.

Thornton concludes this piece with a series of scribal prayers:

Merciful Jesus, flower of Mary, have mercy on us sinners. Amen.
Jesus, Mary, John
These names are worthy of worship: Jesus, Mary, and John
May the foresaid R. Thornton who wrote be blessed. Amen.