This is our moment.

the front cover of the Summer 2022 Trinity Magazine reads "This is our moment"

Our stories belong to a future that we are building together. Take a moment to share in these stories—glimpses of moments in the lives of architects of the Trinity experience.

This moment was made for Trinity University.

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Editorial Staff

Jeanna Goodrich Balreira '08, editor
Molly Mohr Bruni, managing editor
Jeremy Gerlach, writer
Joshua Moczygemba '05, photographer and videographer
Laura Rodriguez, graphic designer
Ryan Sedillo, photographer and videographer

Advisory Board

The Trinity magazine advisory board engages in integrated conversation about magazine content for upcoming issues; suggests story and content ideas from across campus; and crafts a comprehensive theme based on group discussion.

Charlene Davis
Ryan Finnelly
Andrew Hansen
Jennifer Henderson
Kris Howland
Marisa Kitchen
Kathy McNeill

Christina Moldenhauer
Joannah Pickett
​​​Gary Seighman
Carla Sierra
Alyssa Sailor-Tynes '17
Dennis Ugolini
Fred Valenzuela

Mission Statement

As the official magazine of Trinity University, Trinity magazine: fosters a sense of connectedness among all members of the University community, including alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, donors, and friends; engages audiences in current events and issues on campus and around the world; and reflects the culture, personality, and values of the institution. Trinity magazine establishes a bond between its constituents and the University, which will create a climate for philanthropy and service.

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