More Dietary Choices, More Resources
Dining Program now has an on-campus Registered Dietitian

“Sorry, we don’t have any options for you.” This is a phrase that people with a dietary need hear all too often.

From the onset of the planning process, the Dining Program Transition team heard loud and clear from the campus community that they wanted more options and resources for dietary needs and a greater emphasis on wellness. 

“We are proud to provide an inclusive dining experience where everyone can eat,” says Chase Taylor, resident district manager. 

From the Delicious Without station to the commitment, to provide at least one vegetarian option at each station in Mabee, to the fresh food robotic kiosk in CSI Market, Trinity’s culinary team has curated menus that prioritize not only taste, but nutrition and sustainability practices.

In addition to more vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options (among others), Trinity has a dedicated, on-campus dietitian to provide students, faculty, and staff with a resource to help them navigate the dining hall.

By having a dietitian on campus, students, faculty, and staff will be able to safely explore options and even try foods and flavor combinations you’ve never tried before. Our campus dietitian, Samantha Treviño, is committed to visibility, so you’ll likely see her at Mabee and the Coates Commons during high traffic times. 

“If anyone has questions about ingredients or how food is prepared, I can get them the answers they need,” says Treviño. “If they have a food allergy, or follow a specific diet for any reason, I'll get them the information they need to make a tasty selection.”

This culture of wellness and nutrition is baked into training - with education workshops hosted by Treviño where employees learn about nutrition and dietary sensitivities.

More Resources:

At the Dine On Campus website, students, faculty, and staff can learn more about daily menus and hours, connect with Trinity's dietician, and even create a Dine On Campus account where they can update their food allergen information. 

Everyone also has access to schedule a one-on-one Healthie appointment with the dietitian where they can get general nutritional advice and brainstorm how to best incorporate healthy habits into their lives.  

Students can also provide feedback at the Dine On Campus website or by contacting the Student Dining Advisory Council (SDAC) at

Michelle Bartonico ’08 is the Senior Strategist and Project Manager of the Project Portfolio Management Office-Center of Excellence (PPMO-COE).

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