Out with TLEARN, in with CANVAS
Faculty can begin migrating to an improved Learning Management System (LMS)

As part of Trinity’s Digital Transformation program, faculty took the opportunity to review the University’s current Learning Management System, TLearn (Moodle). After a collaborative process spearheaded by ITS and the Faculty Senate’s Enterprise Research and Technology Committee (ERTC), the University has decided to transition from TLearn to Canvas to provide the Trinity community access to a cutting-edge 21st-century LMS. Canvas is now live and you have access at canvas.trinity.edu.

Using input from faculty and staff, Academic Technology collaborated with Canvas to develop a series of trainings for Trinity faculty beginning April 11–26. Attending a training session is strongly encouraged to ensure faculty have adequate time to prepare their course(s). The upcoming Canvas trainings will be hands-on working sessions where you will maximize your time by working alongside a professional trainer. These trainings are designed to help get you ready to deliver your course(s) to students.

In the training, faculty will:

  • Learn how to export TLEARN content
  • Access Canvas
  • Import your content to Canvas
  • Build a course page

As early as April 2023, faculty can begin the transition to Canvas. It is advised that faculty begin this transition early to ensure adequate time to migrate content and work alongside the team in Academic Technology who will provide support throughout the move from TLearn to Canvas. 

“We want to make this process as smooth and convenient as possible,” said Art De Los Santos, senior director of strategy and partnerships. “Faculty educate our students at an exceptionally high quality. Our goal is to empower them with tools and enable them to focus on teaching rather than navigating a clunky system.”

Training is scheduled to begin in April 2023. If faculty want to use Canvas in Fall 2023, they must transition to Canvas by Aug. 11, 2023. All remaining faculty who choose to use Canvas must be migrated by Jan. 10, 2024, since TLearn will no longer be available or supported after this date. 

“We’ve been meeting with as many academic departments as possible to showcase the features of Canvas and field questions,” said Marina Walton, instructional designer for Academic Technology. “I am most excited about the gradebook features that will allow faculty to set up and grade with ease both on the desktop and mobile app and to provide meaningful feedback to students through annotation, audio, or video.”

The ITS Academic Technology team is committed to assisting faculty and students with the transition. No two courses or instructors are the same, and the team will be available over the coming months to answer questions and provide personal support. Learn more about the timeline, upcoming trainings, and frequently asked questions. 

Please continue to use the website for continued updates on the team’s progress and for resources that will facilitate the move to Canvas. 



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