• I have always been interested in philosophy, although I didn't immediately realize this. As an undergraduate at St. Olaf College, I first thought that I would major in English, but found that my interest in literary interpretation led me to aesthetics and the philosophy of language.

    Later I planned to major in sociology, but my interest in sociological theory and methodology led me to the philosophy of science. Eventually I ended up where I belonged, in the philosophy department.

    My interests continue to be interdisciplinary, with special interests in computer science and cognitive science. One of the great things about teaching philosophy, as I once heard the philosopher Arthur Fine point out, is that if you become interested in a subject X, no matter what X might be, you can justify studying it by declaring that you are working on the Philosophy of X.

    • Ph.D. - Princeton University
    • B.A. - St. Olaf College  
    • Philosophy of Mind
    • Philosophy of Language
    • Symbolic Logic  

    I have served on many Trinity committees, including the UCC, the Faculty Senate, the Commission on Promotion and Tenure, and the Major Scholarships and Fellowships Committee.